The jewellery for love. Miluna jewels were created to express the values of life. Gold, diamonds, pearls, gemstones and silver worked with supreme craftsmanship to reflect exactly what a woman desires: they set off her beauty and elegance, they are a precious token of love, they fulfil her dream of feeling like a princess.

Miluna blends the jewellery-making art of the past with modern design, drawing inspiration from the values of romantic love symbolised by diamonds, gold and pearls: ideal for marking a special anniversary or to represent eternal love. Unique pieces of jewellery which enhance the beauty of every woman.

Miluna jewels are therefore the jewellery for special moments, symbols of beauty, dreams and eternity. Even for this reason Miluna has been sponsoring the Italian beauty contest “Miss Italia” since 1997, crowning the candidates and creating jewels that surely become collections named Miss Italia.
Since last year the relationship with Miss Italia has become stronger with the creation of a special title dedicated to Miss Miluna, to award the one that embodies values of beauty, sweetness and elegance that connote the brand.