Pearl is life. Just like each woman, each pearl is unique, it has its own individual history, charm and beauty. Like each woman, each pearl conveys its extraordinary femininity.

Each woman is a pearl and pearls are woman – something Nimei, the pearl specialist, is well aware of. Through its passions for pearls it created and continues to create new, highly appealing and modern aesthetic languages. Nimei’s collections display a refined yet contemporary elegance which skilfully blends the most classic pearls with precious diamonds and gold. This gives Nimei’s exclusive creations an added value, the ability to interpret the many different styles of today’s new women. Classic ranges with elegant, perfect, sophisticated styles which nonetheless dare to offer a modern twist, combining pearls with new shapes and colours.

Its great attention to the quality of pearls prompted Nimei to develop and publish a certified quotation system to safeguard the interests of all those who love this gem.

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