Mattia Cielo

Jewel R-Evolution. Modern jewellery as highest expression of art and finest form of aesthetic research. In 2006 Mattia Cielo debuted in Italian luxury jewellery with the mission of re-launching it, restoring its dignity of art and re-establishing the role of jewellery as testimonial to contemporary perception, more than just a mere adornment.

This revolutionary turning back to the past conveys the dream of an ideal forge where, as in a Renaissance workshop, the search for beauty is defined and determined by a state-of-the-art technical and scientific knowledge. Today this knowledge drives micromechanics and shapes composite materials, exploring the infinitely small world of nanotechnology as well as the vast, boundless lands across the ocean of space.

Deep in the ancient heart of goldsmithery, the throbbing energy of industrial design brings back the song of beauty jewellers had been singing for centuries. It is a poem of movement and light, forever carved into gold eternity and precious stones. It is a choreography of equations balanced between matter and spirit. The engineering of a dream of timeless change.
Mattia Cielo’s jewels are truly alchemic objects. Entranced by the charm of imitating nature, they venture in search of its deepest secrets and transform into gold any material, especially the ones dreams, imagination and emotions are made of.